MT-100 multi use digital temperature data loggers

About MT-100

MT-100 is a reliable, multi use digital temperature recorder with simple and safe usage. It provides an efficient solution for temperature recording for temperature sensitive food, life science and industry areas. The alerting by alarm LED enables you to be aware of any violation of alarm limits during the episode. You can connect it to your computer just by plugging device into USB port and then get data report. Reported data can be saved, printed out or sent by e-mail.

You can use also optional hanger that specially designed for safer and comfortable usage for your data logger.

Technical Specifications

Measurement Range -30 °C~ +60 °C (-22 °F ˜ +140 °F)
Notice: Measurement between -30 and -20 may differ out of standard measurements.
Accuracy ±%0,5
Temperature Resolution 0,1 °C
Data Storage Capacity 14400
Battery ER14250
Shelf Life 2 years
Dimensions 113 X 35 X 22 mm
Weight 38 gram
Usage Type Multi use
Notice for Users: MT100 temperature time interval needs to be set between 10 - 120 mins.
MT-100 muti use digital temperature datalogger

How to Use

MT-100 is user friendly data logger. First, please download the free software below:

Version 1 | Version 2